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tv   Headline News  RT  July 4, 2014 3:00pm-3:30pm EDT

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this is our to international tonight more residential areas come under fire in east ukraine where people say they're living in constant fear of shelling even though the president promised not to endanger civilian. house where israeli police fired tear gas on palestinian protesters venting their anger at what they say was a revenge killing of a teenager thousands joined his funeral in east jerusalem. and back to iraq the top general in the united states says the country may launch an assault on isis insurgents saudi arabia sends thirty thousand troops to the border sparking fears of an armed invasion.
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hello there i'm kevin zero in very good if you just joined us first tonight more pledges from kiev to commit to a cease fire but the shelves in the bullets continue being fired in east ukraine all the while bringing more misery to the people there and for the villages of congress especially it's been a particular week of tragedy which culminated this friday with the funeral of one of the conflicts youngest victims after he was there just hours after their homes were left in ruins by an airstrike and today grieving locals buried their dead. we've divided the family believed beautifully. if you could would you like to think that it. was like it was fairly easy to think of the moment the bump on the other
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would usually do what you just told it is a good to see you know what. the . good you. mean while anti-government forces say a woman has been killed and several people injured in an army attack on the key regional city of lugansk which is one of the sentries about to get resistance it came under renewed artillery fire overnight shells landed on a local cancer hospital as you can see here the building was badly damaged. and more pictures this is the city of kramatorsk now coming up another main target of the sole residential areas were hit by shells there with the shells exploding near a playground and to government forces say one man was killed and twenty injured in the recent attacks but he is very you know take you there might be
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a move very quite let it go is no good you're used to me and you would do to really figure. it got the larger law bob dole but. joe i'm still being you know you were there you were. if you could do you think. it's good you're going to do did used good news because you're going to lose these . in other developments several areas of the russian border with ukraine have been hit by ukrainian army mortar rounds multiple shells hit the same checkpoint where russian border guard was injured in a similar incident two weeks ago local authorities say that this latest attack hasn't caused any casualties but the damage has hurt several key infrastructure facilities one of the shells landed in front of a bus station although no vehicles were there at the time but a t.v. crew from russia's channel five did get caught up in that shelling.
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we just look at it you see what's happening this is russian territory these are shells hitting russian territory and they're coming in from ukraine. though firmly in russia's rose stuff region near the border with ukraine when those shells came in the journalists saw and heard at least nine explosions as they tried to flee to safety. roof and witness similar shelling explains what it's like for people living in the region right now we hear heavy artillery bombardment there is no specific time it could happen early in the morning late in the night and many times during the day and just seconds before we go in there we heard it again it's not far from where we are now just ten twenty kilometers away from the city just on wednesday we visited the village of static in the short twenty five kilometers north of lugansk where several civilians were killed and we were there shortly after the bottom and happened and today we came back to this village because they were funerals of five
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year old boy and his father and three other residents and coffins out of five today were closed because there were no bodies but actually pieces found on the way back from this village from the funerals again the shelling started and one of the shells landed no more than thirty meters away for us when we were driving by so it becomes very dangerous to move here because the region and while we have a choice to go or not to go local residents those who decided to stay and leave their everyday life or those who decided to flee they don't have this choice and they have to move and they say that they fear more and more for their lives. but those reports of casualties continue president poroshenko has been pledging that he would not harm civilians since the truce ended on monday. we don't want us to but we will one has been one to liberate our land they are producing it is ukraine's armed forces the national guard and rather divisions will never use force against
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civilians they will never target residential areas in school because the. ukraine's president has also proposed a time and a place for the next round of negotiations with representatives of the self-proclaimed republics in a phone conversation with the foreign policy chief catherine ashton the executive director at the wrong paul institute for peace and prosperity believes his previous rhetoric though places a question mark over the upcoming peace talks with the east. the talks will merely be about the conditions of their surrender so those aren't really those that really talks in the true sense of the word but sort of a very optimistic about it everything that i've seen has shown that the jets and the military from here who are decimating villages and i think it shouldn't be a surprise because the new president has already said quote we will attack and liberate our way and the other members of his administration have referred to the people in the east so humans and insects and other things so this is an illustration that has used to sexualize and i think we're seeing it yet again. stay
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with ukraine two still ahead warnings of a full scale gas crisis lou since it's been cut off from russian supplies a little bit later we'll look at whether europe's doing enough to avoid a potentially cold winter. hundreds of palestinians have clashed with israeli police in east jerusalem following the funeral procession for a young palestinian teenager early a crowd of protesters threw rocks at officers injuring over a dozen while authorities responded with tear gas and stun grenades israeli security forces were prepared it seems for on rest before hand beefing up security in and around the area tensions are far from receding in the region israel is also mobilizing troops around gars or of strikes from both sides. during the boy's funeral thousands of chanting and flag waving crowds gathered his coffin covered in a palestinian flag was called by was carried by mourners there through the streets of east jerusalem it's suspected it was
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a revenge killing for the murders of those three jewish teenagers which israel is blamed on hamas while searching for the killers israel's arrested hundreds of palestinians and raided thousands of homes in the west bank has to do. is a palestinian woman who's been covering the israeli palestinian conflict for several years thanks for taking the time to be with us tonight do you think there's a danger that this could now spark a new war considering the teenager that was buried today is already being considered to be a martyr by the palestinians. well the situation remains high as the violence continues to dominate the keep by palestinian territories and what we are seeing right now is retaliating from both sides of the situation could kill eight more this depends on. tax from both sides by as we know some calls were made for third intifada third uprising and the latest incident
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the murder of the sixteen year old boy but i see and boy. was that came after the murder of three israeli settlers of course this is going to fuel the tension as we know there is media incitement media campaign on social media from both sides and in particular the people in gaza are preparing themselves for a possible larger scale often said i was ready to observe where sing along the border the drones fly over gaza around the clock and we know a number of threats made by israeli army officials against hamas rule gaza if the rocket fire does not stop from gaza then the israeli military might intervene overall situation is what a volatile and it's expected to get going to say what you feel you've got your ear to the ground there what's your feeling on how it's going to go. well i mean the situation i mean and as i mentioned is a really very bad. preparing for
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a car. services a badly affected under the ongoing israeli siege so people are so worried people say that they can take a third war israel this time if it decided to invade gaza of course it will have to finish the job but we know also that if israel starts this war then it will not be able to stop it this is what. a spokesperson of how much has brigades who delivered a press conference yesterday he said that the israelis will be surprised from the new types of rockets and credibility is that they have that they are persisting right know so it seems that unless a gypsy egyptian mediators intervene we might see blood the you know assault on gaza and of course no one wants to see blood should. the palestinian teenager that was killed you think israel is really interested in finding his killers. well
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investigations are under way according to his family and their witnesses they said supported a car that was you know drove by israeli settlers and the committee this c.c.t.v. that for the family is not convinced that it is related to family disputes and. a number of settlers the have attempted number of times following the incident of the three of the killing of the three years of the settlers so there are accusations being exchanged between both sides and we're going to see more attacks from both sides and less as i said the incitement media campaign to stop does not stop so let's hope this madness will end. i mean the situation in the west bank is not only much better i mean illegal settlements and there is tank. position that inaction of the international community when it comes to the palestinian casualties i mean according to the palestinian center of four beers or statistics more than one
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thousand five hundred palestinian the children have been killed between two thousand and two thousand and thirteen we haven't heard any contamination from the world from the international community from the world leaders when it comes to the protests today when it comes to the israeli casualties the whole world is talking about this so there is a kind of this is the palestinians see there is a kind of hypocrisy here a double standard policy equal both sides should be built in an equal way when it comes to i mean casualties so let's not forget that the peace process has told and this is it due to. israel's refusal to release their fourth phase of the prisoner swap deal that was a good point before the resumption of peace talks so there is no peace process violence is there anything the scene you have poverty you have you know or all all kinds of you know factors so the environment the atmosphere is. there for a third intifada you know hopefully things will be sorted. out along with us so we
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appreciate it policy and. international. it's ok not to thirty minutes past eleven night here in moscow plenty to come this hour far of news up ahead in fact britain's queen names the u.k.'s biggest ever war ship or the future of britain's nuclear fences remains a question out of scotland's independence referendum we're talking about that very soon. but not who we talked about this washington's wait and see approach to the crisis in iraq could change the u.s. already has over seven hundred fifty troops in the country it is currently advising the iraqi army on how to defeat isis insurgents but that might not be enough america's top general knows leaving the door open to his country's increased military involvement the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff martin dempsey says the u.s. could maybe launch an assault on isis militants if national interests would require it or if president obama gives the thumbs up currently the u.s.
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is gathering intelligence while the number of iraqi deaths continues to grow to more than two thousand were killed in june alone meanwhile saudi arabia is reportedly begun amassing its troops on the border with iraq one arab media outlet said iraqi forces are withdrawn from the area but baghdad is denying that going to shit can next looks at what's behind the saudi buildup them saudi arabia has reportedly sent thirty thousand troops to its border with iraq across that border is a cauldron of six tarrying in fighting the isis is still it's a radical sunni jihadi are well armed and well by saudi arabia also sunni doesn't want to be officially associated with the isis but it's hardly an innocent bystander many of the isis is most violent frontline fighters are believed to be saudi nationals they're white. saudi arabia had been funding the isis throughout their fight in syria and beyond we oddly now say that it has nothing to do with the
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rise of this radical group that it itself is spread by it but experts believe saudi arabia has helped create the floors in ways more than just providing funding and fighters they need to think. that. and i think give the hobby to saudi arabia means studio. a lot of their teaching contributed to the kid a year. just in the span of several years bolstered by the fight against assad in syria the isis has advanced so far as to declare an islamic caliphate across the territories that it now controls both iraq and syria the question is whether saudi arabia sees the isis as a serious threat it has warned against foreign military into ference in iraq and now iran is reportedly sending fighter jets to help the iraqi government fight the jihad is army. will saudi arabia sit still lots of questions one thing is clear the
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coltrane of sectarian tensions is only getting more explosive in washington i'm going to check out our team. will make you just east of journalist told me how the saudis are seeking to gain the upper hand in the region but well beyond as well into europe. two states which are involved in the isis approaching this is on the one hand we said already saudi arabia but on the other hand as well there is turkey we have saudi arabia is a country which is very much engaged in europe and saudi arabia is doing a lot for radicalizing if you go for example to bosnia you will see brand new mosques financed by saudi arabian foundations and this is not a liberal and not a tolerant islam they are preaching there and then we shouldn't forget that both countries as well are allies of the west we have now the huge debate also in context of the isis debate off these so-called european volunteers joining the ice
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these forces and other east limits forces in the middle east the various what might happen when these people when these terrorists might come back with all the experience from a battleground this should be alarming this network we witness here so isis is maybe just the most violent and the most terroristic part of that network more world news from our sort of international right after this break. indecision in ukraine while it appears there is a commitment to a multilateral ceasefire in the country fighting continues again talks the talk of peace though its forces pursued their assaults in the east is pushing to go in control. of all told me my language as well but i will only react to situations
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as i have read the reports so i'm likely to push the know i will leave them to the state department to comment on your latter point to say to mr kerry you have a car is on the docket no good there they go no more weasel words when you need a direct question the prepared for a change when you have to punch be ready for a. critical speech and a little bit on the freedom to crush. i'm abby martin the stories we cover here not can here in iraq other big story the extra headline same time there's a reason they don't want international airport. now let's break the set.
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again another crisis is the crane it's decreasing natural gas reserves care was already resorted to tapping its long term storage tanks after russia cut off supplies over huge on pay bills and this is creating unease in the e.u. now this is the block's energy chief. he says it's a domino effect he's worried about inevitably affect even europe's powerhouse germany the fear is that unless you create a starts filling up those storage facilities again it may well start siphoning off gas destined for europe that's already been a warning that's been voiced by gazprom indeed and it's been echoed as well by russia's prime minister who believes ukraine's troubles could balloon into a full scale gas crisis as soon as this autumn to be preventive made that claim on his facebook page so why is there so much concern about a wider gas crisis to europe well if you look at the map you'll be able to see it it's because north lot of gas translates throughout ukraine as you can see here
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multiple pipelines the lion's share of it going through ukraine moscow to stress that these supplies will continue as before no worries there but as i was just saying the worry is that will be siphoned off before it gets to europe europe will get the gas it needs this winter we've seen it before in two thousand and six we've seen it before in two thousand and nine i spoke to david cox the managing director of london energy consulting he says the e.u. could end up having to pay for debt to get out of the mess here. we've taken the ukraine into our political sphere the ukraine economy is pretty much a basket case to be honest and if they can't pay their spill even though they're being loaned the money to do so what will happen in the winter is that our european gas prices which are traded gas at the t.t.s. her been in holland or the german herb's will go up as a result of that lack of gas russian gas hitting europe when that happens all of the consumer bills in western europe as well so it's a bit of
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a lose lose situation i said to the energy minister michael fallon that really. in the end we will have to pay that gas bill either ukrainians pay or we pay it one way or another there's not to be a direct payment by merkel writing a check to gazprom or putin that's not going to happen but i think they'll be via the ukraine they will put pressure europeans will put pressure on the ukraine to pay the gas bill before october that has to be done otherwise european consumers will face higher gas bills as a result. we'll keep you posted let's talk about a you tube channel for a moment always more than twenty thousand refresh videos on their future get teeth and see if you fancy some great pictures too like this one when it comes to nature showing what it's capable of new york had a front row seat look about you don't want to be on the receiving end of that you get a closer look at these thunderbolts touching down in the big apple in from the safety of you tube and hopefully your armchair also too on our web site r t dot com
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subtype t three million light years away a massive star cluster is putting on a fireworks display of truly lactic proportions we've got the pictures that shows things to reach earth of course just in time for the july fourth celebrations happy independence day to you if i'm celebrating it to find those pictures that are teen dot com. right to see. first street. and i think you're. on a reporter's witter. on . britain's queen elizabeth has unveiled the u.k.'s biggest warship at a ceremony in scotland the vessel which is named after the monarch is the first of two aircraft carriers being built at
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a cost of over six billion pounds it's expected to to be a majesty's last official engagement in scotland before the referendum on the country's independence coming up in september. reports. it's birth is taking place in scotland which is why the queen is christening big ukase new super carrier with a whisky instead of champagne according to the u.k.'s defense secretary it's a demonstration of britain at its very best the royal navy has sixteen ships and submarines and two royal marines commando units based in scotland the s.n.p. has promised to maintain all military establishment in scotland in the event of independence but the problem is that at the moment there's simply no agreement over what would happen to britain's defense says if scotland were to leave the union the u.k.'s first scene lord has warned that the royal navy is already constrained by budget cuts and the split with scotland would further weaken the effectiveness of
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britain's maritime defenses since the s.n.p. say that they would abolish nuclear weapons in the event of a yes vote many questions surround the future of trying to end the u.k. submarine based nuclear missile system that station in western scotland tridents unique deep water location is of key strategic importance as it provides quick access to the atlantic finding somewhere else to park the u.k.'s nuclear deterrent would be a long and complicated process that's likely to make nato extremely nervous scotland's had a historical role in the royal navy at the battle of trafalgar almost a third of nelson's men was gawd's but if they vote yes to independence britain's new asst super aircraft carrier could be the last to be launched in scottish waters ali boyko r.t. . talks about the possible implications for the u.k. and scotland's defense forces with two british military experts should scotland
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separate the remainder of the u.k. will still have defense forces all i would say is that if you have single you. tree force and you split it into two parts then it inevitably costs money to set up the other part with all the admin and things like that and it ends up less efficient so there will be less money effectively and we already don't spend enough on defense assuming that an independent scotland supplication to join nato was successful then . scotland would expect the rest of the nato organization to come to their aid and vice versa i think when we talk about defense and independence go to the all roads eventually lead to tried and now the s.n.p. government has said it would seek the speediest and safest removal of trident from scottish territory however there are huge implications in that because there appears to be nowhere that the trident fleet plus warheads could go in the u.k.
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in the short to medium term and to move it would be hugely expensive and disruptive the cost of redeploying at the trident the ballistic missile submarines and the weapons is huge particular if you try and do it very quickly there are places you could send them to over the long term but would the rest of you k. be willing to spend that extra money that's involved to do it and i'm not sure they would the fifty thousand jobs are depending on the defense industry in scotland what's going to happen to those jobs do you think if scotland says we're off i've talked to the head of some of the big firms that have small offshoots in scotland they will move south because the amount of money available for procurement within an independent scotland will be tiny and then these firms go where the money is the s.n.p. yes campaign does have to be more upfront with exactly how it sees those defense industry jobs being either reorientated or replaced by other types of industry i
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will keep following that story up to and after september now after the break here in a few minutes crosstalk whether ukraine's president poroshenko is making the right choices or not when it comes to the east of the country. yes it's official the mainstream media must be made up of stereotypical gossipy teenage girls i mean how else can you explain the fact that michelle obama using the term chipped has become a scandal i don't white house summit on working families mrs obama explained that when she was working part time she realized she was getting chipped because she was actually king full time but only getting paid the part time salary technically the term gypped is somewhat racist and implies the gypsies are all con men but in the modern world i think most people don't even know where the term comes from i doubt
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michelle obama likes a medieval peasant shield her children from wandering gypsies who could give them the evil eye i seriously question if there is any deep racial intent in the statement i personally would let the first lady off the hook but the question is would she do the same for me or any other person in the media probably not but thankfully for mrs obama she can't be fired from being the first lady only divorced or her husband's term ends now for me and every other person saying their opinion on camera we've got to be a lot more careful but that's just my opinion. about seven years old it's one of the largest ten cities on the east coast of america got about one hundred people here just because of economics the cost of housing in this area especially is very high and i believe as an american we have a right. possess public land in till something is created
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that my house sees the bag there live in it's adams who will lease then spend the. rest. if we hadn't done that we wouldn't have been home i want to go stand we don't just how do you know people intensity we don't anybody that needs help so tell your friend to just give us more take care of them or get a mistake on never going to get a sense that even today when one fell swoop got a place to live once on monday i'll be out here with my dog. polo and welcoming props for all things are considered i'm peter lavelle indecision .